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Prophet Emmanuel Ben Odigie is the founder of Redemption of Grace Ministries e.V Bremen Germany a multi-racial, multi-tribal and multi-faceted church. He is also the President of The Anointed Commander of God team, a ministry committed to restoring hope and healing the hurting and Deliverance Empowerment in our generation.

He is married to Jessica Esther Odigie with five children, three sons, and two daughters. He was born into one of the largest non- Christian family of over five hundred members with fifty four women married to the grand-father in the village of Okaigben Ewohimi, Edo state of Nigeria. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord in Nov 1978 as a young student.

Prophet EB Odigie preaches message of hope, restoration and true worship cuts across a wide spectrum of human need catapulting his listeners into their God ordained destiny. He humbly began his ministry in his living room in Nienburg Germany, with a powerful prayer based delivery of God's Word. With a peculiar anointing to bring hope to the despairing, healing to the broken, deliverance and strength to the weary, they are committed to ministering to people’s and ushering them into their destiny
He received his call and assignment at the age of 12 when it was prophesied that God has called him, as a prophet that will go round the world  in a Deliverance/healing crusade, and as a child he saw in a revelation Jesus Christ called him to be his follower also in 1997 Jesus Christ showed is face to him and gave him Isaiah 12 to read again in 2008 God spoke in an audible voice to him loud and clear with anger in his voice to go to the word and tell his people to fear Him the LORD. he accepted his calling and embraced his new assignment. He wanted to become a mechanical engineer but God had a different purpose, plan and direction for his life.
He has been preaching for over 18 years and has raised, mentored, couched, trained and equipped many in the body of Christ to fulfil their assignments.  he has made a life-time decision to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ all the days of his life and will make every effort to help the unfortunate and the disadvantaged in life. He believes, that is the full-gospel of Jesus Christ, and nothing can stop him from fulfilling his life assignment and call. He see him self privilege to preach the gospel that he has set his face like a flint to this noble task and goal
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Prophet /Pastor Emmanuel Bengeorge Odigie Founder Redemption of Grace Ministries.