Redemption of Grace Ministries. Bremen & Koblenz. Loins of Love Centre.

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Men & Good Women Fellowships.
All male and female members, 30 years and older, are encouraged to be members of the Men's and Women's Ministries. The purpose of these two groups is to create a strong bond of solidarity and Christian camaraderie among the members of RGM, to assist in meeting the spiritual needs of men and women who come to the church: The Fellowships also provide services to and on behalf of the membership particularly in times of need such as bereavement, sickness, distress, and shut-ins. All adult members, visitors, and friends of the Ministry are encouraged to attend and participate in the Men's or Women

Family Groups
With the RGM you are not only in a Church. You are also at home in a family. Membership is automatic. Come and experience how we share Gods Word together, visit each other, play games, care for each other and carry one another’s burdens. Our family names are Emmanuel, Israel, Rabbi and Shalom.
Youth & Children Fellowships

We create opportunities for our young ones from age 2 to 29 to grow and prosper in the Lord. With us, you will learn to excel both in school and at home. You will train yourself in singing, public reading, preaching, dancing, choreography, drama, and essential lifestyles that you help young people to excel in life. Our outreach and excursion programmes are meant to make you feel you are with your own brothers and sisters.

Intercessory Ministry.
We believe that God’s house shall be called a house of prayer. Through an effective and dynamic prayer ministry, we prepare people to help accomplish the vision of RGM.  We also equip potential men and women likely to enter into the fivefold ministry to develop a strong passion and discipline for effective intercession as well as helping individual members develop effectual fervent prayer lives. We pray to touch Heaven and bring change and deliverance to your life. We pray with you until something happens.
School Of Ministry.
This is what we do every very often, particularly on Wednesday evenings and at Sunday Services. In RGM, the Word of God is applied with profound insights, power, and authority in ways that usher God’s people into active service and fruitful Christian living. Beloved, it is not enough to be a Christian without being a Bible Student. You may also benefit from our Online Radio and Bible Studies Manuals available on our website

Outreach Department.
We aim to fulfil the great commission by spreading the good news of the Lord in as many avenues as possible. We reach out to people of different colours, gender, nationalities, cultures, orientations and lifestyles or circumstances. People need to hear about the love of God and His plan for salvation. Our aim is to speak about the love of God. This is how God shows his love for the world, that he gave his most precious Son Jesus to die for us despite our inadequacies.

Protocol / Usher Department
The Protocol Department performs the vital service of directing, escorting and seating of the people who attend the services and other activities at the Church. They ensure an orderly collection of offerings, tidy and friendly environment and also assist with the distribution of information concerning church functions to members and visitors alike.
Jesus is Lord